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Plugins To Bring Your WordPress Site On Top Google Search Results

Five Best Plugins To Bring Your WordPress Site On Top Google Search Results

Five Best Tools To Bring Your WordPress Site On Top Google Search Results

Five Best Tools to Bring Your WordPress Site on Top Google Search Results

Are you looking for ways to get your WordPress site a higher ranking in the Google search results? Have you tried all the techniques and methods available on the internet that claim to get your site on the top but have failed? WordPress comes with a number of options to help you create an outstanding website both visually and content wise. The best feature is that WordPress comes with a number of plugins and themes to help you accomplish your goal of having a site that stands apart from the rest.

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Which Are The Best Plugins To Take Care Of My WordPress Site On Google Search Results?

The experts at the WordPress Technical Support have come up with a list of the best plugins to make your WordPress site rank higher in the Google search results. These have been explained in details below:

  • Hummingbird

Google and other search engines look at your WordPress site performance and take note of whether your website is running slow. Hummingbird allows WordPress site owners to scan their site and it gives a performance score advising what is needed to make the site run better. This helps boost the site’s search engine rankings.

  • Hustle

Hustle has been designed to provide the best online marketing assistance to users. This helps WordPress site owners to convert the site visitors into loyal followers or potential customers in order to communicate and engage with them. Hustle links all the top mailing list service and also assists in growing the mailing list to send content with ease.

  • The Hub

This is another plugin that offers full-featured WordPress site management and optimization service. The Hub offers users with features including ability to do SEO scans that can be run in the background. It comes with automatic updates and also ensures that your WordPress site does not suffers owing to SEO shortcomings.

  • Social Marketing

If you are looking to build a social media trend around your WordPress website or online brand, the Social Marketing will help you achieve that goal. With the Social Marketing plugin, you can share content with your WordPress site visitors. This can be used to offer incentives to visitors who are sharing your content via social media accounts. Social Marketing makes it easy to create in-post advertisements that highlight the incentives and users can click-on to share the content and get rewarded.

  • WP Checkup

WP Plugin is a free service that tells the users how well their WordPress site performs on specific measures and identifies area that needs improvements. User just need to type their site’s URL in the checkup tool and it will then run Hummingbird to check performance, SmartCrawl to check for SEO and Defender to check the site security.

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