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Top 5 Must-Do’s Before Changing WordPress Theme

Top 5 Must-Do’s Before Changing WordPress Theme

WordPress is the foremost choice of those looking to create a blog or website that stands out from the competition. The number of attractive wordpress themes and plugins allows users to create visually appealing blogs along with keeping their blogs completely secured from any unauthorized access. Since its inception in May 2003, WordPress has been catering to the needs of both personal bloggers and business owners.

In case you have been using WordPress for your blog or site, then you have also been using the various themes made available by WordPress. The best feature of WordPress is its ability to provide users with an easier way to switch themes for their blogs. The process just includes a few steps and within a few minutes, users can avail the benefits offered by the new wordpress theme.

However, prior to changing the theme for your WordPress blog there are a few steps to follow. These steps are important as they make the entire process smooth and easy else the users may end up losing some elements that might be important to them. The experts at the WordPress Technical Support have compiled a list of few things to do before changing your WordPress blog theme.

What Are The Things I Need To Do If I Want To Change The Theme Of My WordPress Blog?

The WordPress Customer Support experts have a list of five must-do things to make your transition from one wordpress theme to another smooth and easy. Kindly make sure to follow the steps cited below:

  • Make Notes Of Your Current WordPress Theme

A number of WordPress users often surf the internet to find solutions to their issues and find them in the form of snippets. These snippets are then added to the theme in the form of functions.php or any other file format. Such changes are hard to remember. The WordPress Support Service recommends to write down the additional code that the users add to these themes. Also, make sure to check the loading time of the current wordpress theme to compare it with another.

  • Do Not Forget Tracking

A number of bloggers often use Google Analytics or other services and many do not use plugins to add tracking codes. Some often open a footer.php and modify the codes. The WordPress Customer Service recommends copying and pasting the tracking code to your new theme.

  • File Backup

The experts at the WordPress Support recommend creating a backup of your entire WordPress blog that includes your blog posts, theme files, plugins and database. This will ensure that you have a complete backup record of your WordPress blog in case something happens.

  • Cross Browser Compatibility

Some internet browsers have a different way when it comes to rendering your WordPress website, especially Microsoft Internet Browser. You want to make sure that the design looks good on different browsers as some wordpress themes have a tendency to break in certain browsers. The WordPress Technical Support experts recommend testing your WordPress site on different bloggers as they all have a tendency to render things differently.

  • Monitor Bounce Rate

Make sure that you are monitoring the bounce rate of your WordPress site after you have switched themes. A number of wordpress themes are friendlier than others when it comes to providing a good navigation experience to visitors. In case the bounce rate has increased then work with the selected theme. The WordPress Support suggests adding related posts, widgets or a call to action.

Do you want to know more on how you can smoothly transition from one theme to another on your WordPress site? Contact the WordPress Customer Support via toll-free number +1-877-863-5655.

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