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How To Create Pricing Table In WordPress - WordPress Support Blog

How To Create Pricing Table In WordPress

How To Create Pricing Table In WordPress

How to Create Pricing Table in WordPress?

Comparison tables or pricing tables are the best way to decide which to choose from a given choice of products or services. If you are having a WordPress site with a comparison or pricing table then it will be easier for users to compare the product available from different brands before deciding to buy one. WordPress provides a number of plugins for creating comparison and pricing tables. This is the best option for you especially if you are having a business website that sells products and services.

Which Are The Best Plugins For Creating Comparison And Pricing Tables That I Can Use For My WordPress Site?

The experts at the WordPress Support have come up with a list of plugins to help you create comparison and pricing tables. These have been explained below in details.

The WP ComPEAR is an effective premium plugin that allows users to create vertical and horizontal comparison tables. The thing that differs this plugin from the rest is its ability to create static and interactive drag & drop comparisons. The WordPress Support recommends to use this plugin if you are looking for a way to make tables easy to sort, change the column’s width, duplicate tables and create unlimited tables with endless comparison criteria.

Table Maker lets WordPress site users create a variety of tables from simple comparison to specification tables. Every table created by Table Maker is responsive and it gives importance to rows and columns to attract the reader’s attention. This plugin also works flawlessly with short codes and makes it extremely easy to upload and insert images in your tables. Let the WordPress Support guide you in knowing more on what makes Table Maker the best plugin to create tables.

In case you need comparison table for your online WooCommerce store then you will need the YITH WooCommerce Compare plugin. The YITH WooCommerce Compare plugin allows WordPress website owners to create comparison tables depending on a particular product features. The WordPress Technical Support recommends that you use this plugin if you are looking to compare table designs.

The Arena Products Store plugin is a full-featured tool and targets to create a whole store than comparison tables. The plugin also provides a comparison table feature along with which users can set up product features and choose which ones to include on the table.

This is a premium plugin for creating outstanding comparison tables and can be used easily to create any type of comparison table. Go Pricing includes 250 plus table templates to help you get started without the need to start from zero.

Want to know more about creating awesome comparison and pricing tables? Contact the highly skilled WordPress Customer Support  of WP 24×7 LLC via toll-free number at +1-877-863-5655. Also, you can write about the issue you want resolved to our professionals at  info@wordpresssupport247.com.

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