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How to resolve ‘Upload: Failed to write file to disc error’ in WordPress Environment?

How to resolve ‘Upload: Failed to write file to disc error’ in WordPress environment?

WordPress is hugely popular in USA. Most of the Web developers in today’s world use WordPress because of its easy nature. This error mainly occurs when user try to upload image and other media files to their site. ‘Failed to write file to disc’ or ‘HTTP error’ these messages appear as a result. There are few reasons that are responsible for this error. Some simple solutions that can fix this error are given below

Method1: change the ‘Permission’ setting of your ‘Upload’ folder

First login into your web hosting account or cPanel and go to file manager. Now go to public_html/wp-content. In wp-content you will find ‘Upload directory’. Then you can either select this ‘Upload directory’ folder and click on ‘Change Permissions’ or you can select this folder and simply click on ‘Permissions’ tool which is there in the toolbar above. Your ‘Upload’ folder must need to have 755 permissions. In case the number is not 755, you must make it 755. Granting permission is required because WordPress needs write access to wp-content/upload directory to enable certain functions. In case if this permission is not set properly user won’t be able to upload media files to their WordPress sites. So, just go ahead and check the ‘Permission’ status of your ‘Upload’ folder with the help of FileZilla or other FTP client.

Method2: Limit of storage quota

Whenever storage limit of user’s webhost exceeds. Usually for WordPress various affordable web hosting plans come with low memory space like 500MB, 1GB, 2 GB etc. But when you are hosting multiple WordPress sites at once and uploading with lots of pictures then even 2GB memory will full shortly. And user will get this error as a consequence. How will you know that how much storage space is provided to you as per your storage plan? And how much you have already used? Simple! Login into cPanel and then check with the left sidebar. There you will find ‘Disc space usage’ field which will inform you about total available disc space and how much you have actually used. If you find that you disc space is filling first then you must need to upgrade to another plan with more memory space. Or else you can delete the files from your account that you don’t need any more. The first one seems much better way though.

Method3: Clean all the temporary folders

In normal practice, the PHP stores all the uploaded files to a temporary directory. But sometimes this folder becomes full and that may be a potential reason which can cause his ‘Failed to write to disc’ error. But users don’t have access to this directory, therefore you need to contact your web host and request them to clear all the temporary files. By now your error is supposed to be solved.

How can I connect with the WordPress Customer Support experts?

You can connect with the highly skilled WordPress Customer Support experts of WP 24×7 LLC via toll-free number at 1-877-863-5655. Also, you can write about the issue you might be facing to our team of professionals at info@wordpresssupport247.com

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