How to install a WordPress plugin

How to install a WordPress plugin?

WordPress is one of the topmost online content sharing platform that allows both individuals and business owners to operate a personal blog or company website. Currently, it is one of the most famous website management and blogging system on the web. The open source software is licensed under GPL (General Public License) and written using PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor). It allows users to build and edit their websites using a central administrative dashboard that includes text editing tool to make changes to the content and various design elements. WordPress offers a number of attractive themes, plugins and other features to let users make a visually appealing website or blog.

The software also provides multi-platform support for users having Android, WebOS or iOS, Windows and Blackberry devices. Apart from offering users the option to create a visually stimulating website, WordPress also has another service to ensure that no issue interferes with any user’s experience of WordPress software, the highly trained WordPress plugins support.

Are you looking forward to install a WordPress plugin and not able to do so?

In case you are looking to add a WordPress plugin, no need to search further as the experts at WordPress customer support will provide the right guidance to you. Our specialists have come up with an easy to follow guide to help you add a WordPress plugin without much delay. Kindly follow the steps mentioned in the guide below;

Guide for installing WordPress Plugin using search plugin

    • Login to your WordPress admin area.
    • Now, click on Plugin option from the WordPress.
    • Next, click on the Add New option from the Plugins page.
    • Enter the WordPress plugin name that you want to install on your website and search.
    • The WordPress plugin will appear on the screen.
    • Next, click on Install Now button from the plugin.
    • After the WordPress plugin has been installed, click on Activate option from the installed plugin.
  • Now, the WordPress plugin is installed and activated on your website.

Guide for installing plugin using Admin plugin upload

    • Download the WordPress Plugin Zip File which you want to install on your WordPress website.
    • Login to your WordPress admin area.
    • Open Plugins Page on your WordPress site.
    • Click on Add New option from the Plugin Page.
    • Now click on the upload plugin button.
    • Click on the Choose File button.
    • Select the downloaded WordPress Plugin Zip File.
    • Click on the Install Now button.
  • The WordPress Plugin is installed on your WordPress website. Click on the Activate option of the installed plugin. The WordPress plugin is now activated and ready for use.

However, if you still face any issue while trying to download a WordPress plugin then contact the WordPress Plugins support experts via WordPress support phone number 1-877-863 5655

Is the Admin Panel of your WordPress is not being displayed Properly?

WordPress Admin Panel

The Administration Screen provides access to the control features of your WordPress installation. Each Administration Screen is presented in sections, the toolbar (and header), the main navigation, the work area, and the footer. The Toolbar that has links to various administration functions the main navigation menu on the left side of the screen detailing each of the administrative functions you can perform and the work area in the middle of the screen are really important to work on your blog. We understand how frustrating could it be if your admin panel is all messed up.

Wondering the cause behind this error?

There are two main reasons that your admin panel is not displayed properly.

  1. You are probable behind a proxy or firewall:

If your internet connection is behind a proxy connection or a firewall then they could be blocking the CSS files making them unable to load properly.

     2.  Plugin conflict:

Outdated admin plugin can cause such problems.

We have just the solution for you

Solution 1: Proxy/Firewall:

First of all, you need to check whether your internet connection is behind a firewall or a proxy connection. You can avoid this by tethering your internet from your mobile network or some other network. To fix this you can clear your proxy or firewall cookies and cache, for that press Ctrl+F5 to refresh your page.

Solution 2: Fixing the Plugin conflict:

Disable all your plugins, clear your browser cache, log on to Worpress Admin. Now, if your admin page is displayed properly then find the conflicting plugin by enabling the plugins one by one.

If you still not able to get a solution for your problem. You can get instant help from our expert team, call our support team at WordPress Support Phone Number 1 877 863 5655.

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