How To Convert A WordPress Site Into A Mobile Application

How to Convert WordPress Site into A Mobile Application?

At times it happens that business websites are not performing up to the mark or are not able to meet the required target. It is at this point that a need is felt to develop an application that allows customers to browse through the products and services that a particular business provides to them. WordPress often provides a number of plugins and themes to help users build an outstanding website for promoting their brand. If you are looking for ways to connect with the consumers in a better manner, the WordPress Support experts advise that you go for an application for your website. They have come up with some of the reasons for which consumer use their smartphones.

  • GPS applications for finding the correct route to a destination or looking for a shortcut to a place
  • News applications such as Google News and others to stay up-to-date with current happenings on local and international level
  • Dating applications such as Tinder and Mingle to look for potential life partners and friends
  • Productivity applications including Microsoft Office, email clients to work from home and exchange mails
  • Applications such as Microsoft Messenger, WhatsApp to stay connected with friends, family and coworkers.

As is evident, consumers prefer to use their smartphones for a number of reasons and you too can become a part of this by launching your business site as an application.

Which Are The Best Plugins Available To Convert WordPress Site Into Mobile Application?

The WordPress Technical Support of WP 24×7 LLC has come up with a list of the best WordPress plugins to turn your WordPress site into a mobile application. Those have been explained in details below.

If you have a website that is content-driven like newspapers then the Androapp will be worth addition. This takes the news feed of your business site and turns it into a mobile app-friendly layout. Apart from this, Androapp also provides additional functionality including push notifications, saving content offline, in-line advertisements, image zooming feature, customized themes and colors to match the site, and deep link support.

It is the best plugin to help you build an Android or iOS mobile application for your WordPress business or personal website. The developers of this plugin are also working towards letting users create AMP and Facebook Instant Articles. Besides providing users with upgrades including a premium theme, push notifications and analytics; the Worona plugin is available free to use.

If you are looking for a website-to-application WordPress plugin to save you time and also get the application up and running in few minutes? Wapppress is just for you. It is a great option for blogger and other small size non-profit who need an easy way to get their business established in the application market. This takes your entire WordPress site and puts it into a mobile application layout.

Often known as Reactor by WordPress users, AppPresser is a mobile application builder that integrates easily with WordPress. However, it is not suitable for non-developers owing to extensive customization to create your business application from start. Some of the features provided by AppPresser include a design navigation as pull-out menu or tabs along with WordPress plugin and extension compatibility that allows users to add Facebook Login, Google Maps and other features.

This is an affordable mobile application service where you entrust the team of MobiLoud to build a mobile application from your business website. The two products offered include one targeted at conversion of blog or news sites in to application and second to help with high-traffic sites. Also, MobiLoud takes care of the following areas:

  1. Enable push notifications
  2. Customize design with your logo and favicon
  3. Build an iOS and/or Android mobile app
  4. Provide app updates and maintenance

Having trouble in converting your WordPress website into an app?? Let the WordPress Customer Support experts guide you in converting your business site into an application. Connect with the WordPress Support experts, who are here to provide you with the best guidance for any WordPress-related issues, at +1-877-863-5655.

Best WordPress Plugins For Lead Generation

WordPress Lead Generation Plugins

Best WordPress Plugins For Lead Generation

When you are a business owner, the number one priority is to generate maximum sales to grab more share of the market and get more customers. However, in the world of e-commerce it is not just your attractive banners and offers that pull in the customers. WordPress has the best tools to help promote your online business with the number of advanced features and functions. There are a number of lead generation techniques that you can utilize to spread the word about what you are offering in a much better manner.

One of the ways of generating leads for your online business is by creating forms and collection of customer information. However, this can be a lengthy process and might take time before you can make an impact on the customers mind. A number of elements such as fresh content, web designing and contact forms have to be created before doing anything else. If you are confused about how to increase not only the customer base of your business but leads as well, this blog post will guide you.

I Have Been Looking To Generate Leads For My Online Business. How Can WordPress Support Help Me With This Issue?

WordPress has a number of plugins that can help you generate the required number of leads for your generation. The experts at the WordPress Support have come up with a number of plugins that can help you make the impact on the customer’s mind. These have been explained in details below.

  • Contact Form Plugin For Lead Generation: Ninja Forms

A majority of WordPress business owners think of lead generation as those popups that can easily grab the attention of the visitor within seconds. A simple contact forms such as those of subscription services is all that is required for the visitor to your website to fill up. The WordPress Customer Support recommends that you get the Ninja Forms contact form plugin to add lead generation functions to your WordPress site. The Ninja Forms is the best form builder tool that is easy to use and easily integrates with your CRM and email platform.

  • Landing Page Plugin For Lead Generation: Thrive Landing Pages

Although, there are a number of top-quality page building plugins available with WordPress. However, these were not created with the sole aim of creating an attractive landing page for your WordPress business site. If your main aim is to drive maximum traffic to the sales page then you should use a plugin on designing an outstanding landing page which will also generate leads. We at the WordPress Support recommend that you use Thrive Landing Page which comes with a drag-and-drop landing page builder, has 150 conversion-optimized templates and easily integrates with your email marketing service.

  • All-In-One Lead Generation Plugin: Sumo

There are many ways to generate leads for your WordPress business website. However, what makes Sumo the best lead generation plugin is the full-page welcome with a call-to-action screen. This also comes with scroll-controlled popups and a floating hello bar for lead generation, navigation and social media promotion. This plugin also comes with heat mapping tool and analytics through which you can effectively assess the performance of the lead generation. If you are looking to get the best leads for your WordPress business site, the WordPress Technical Support recommends using this plugin.

  • Popup Plugin For Lead Generation: Hustle

If you are looking for an easy-to-use popup plugin for your WordPress business site along with lead generation, the WordPress Plugin Support recommends Hustle. This offers a number of features including customization options to create popups, widgets and embed the work with your branded content. Also, it integrates with all the major email and social media platforms including MailChimp and Campaign Monitor.

  • Top A/B Testing Plugin For Lead Generation: OptinMonster

One of the popular WordPress lead generation plugins is the OptinMonster that keeps a track about what you do once you have the required leads. This comes with a simple drag-and-drop builder that makes the process easy. You can target visitors based on their behavior while on your website or demographic area. The WordPress Support recommends that you use this plugin if you are looking for a plugin that lets you create mobile-specific popups and also includes A/B testing feature and analytics tool.

Want to know more about how to get the maximum leads for your WordPress business site? Connect with the highly skilled WordPress Customer Support experts via toll-free number at +1-877-863-5655. We have a vast team of experts who are well-versed about how to give your WordPress business site the required number of leads. You can connect with our highly trained and experienced WordPress experts and get your query resolved.

Top Six Plugins For Accepting Bitcoins On Your WordPress Site

Top Six Plugins for Accepting Bitcoins on Your WordPress Site

WordPress has been the number one online content sharing platform for those looking to get a website or blog for commercial or personal purpose. This offers a number of themes and plugins to provide users with the best way to create an appealing and secure site. With every update, WordPress users get another feature that promises to keep their site secure from unauthorized access as well as give it a great look and feel.

Bitcoins have quickly gained popularity as the new form of digital currency with many websites accepting payment in bitcoins. For those who are a bit skeptical about adding Bitcoin on their WordPress site, connect with the highly skilled WordPress Customer Support experts. Ours is a team of highly experienced and trained experts who are well-versed in any issue that affects the working of your WordPress site.

Why Adding A Bitcoin Payment System In WordPress Site Is Important?

The WordPress Support of WP 24×7 LLC offers the best support to keep your WordPress site up and running. The following reasons will make it clear as to why adding a bitcoin can be advantageous to you.

  • Digital Payment:

Bitcoin is a digital cash system and does not requires a 3rd party authentication system to process the transaction as it is completely peer-to-peer. The Bitcoin is organized using a digital network that is a ledger keeping secured records of all the transactions.

  • Complete Security:

Bitcoin needs to be linked to an individual for them to make payment in the first place. As opposed to credit card and bank payments, no personal information is needed to do so and this clears the consumers concerns about facing any online threat.

  • Simple To Use:

As Bitcoin is totally a peer-to-peer transaction, users don’t need to worry about anyone paying using another service for carrying out financial information. Let the WordPress Support know if you are planning to use Bitcoin payment method for your website.


Which Are The Best Bitcoin Plugins For WordPress Site?

The experts at the WordPress Technical Support have come up with a list of the best Bitcoin plugins for your WordPress site. Kindly pay attention to the information below.

  • Stripe Payment Gateway For WooCommerce Plugin:

Stripe Payment Gateway For WooCommerce Plugin is one of the most developer-friendly platform for WordPress that is both flexible and easy-to-use for your WooCommerce site. This is the best option as it accepts Bitcoin payments in addition to credit cards also.

  • GoUrl WooCommerce Plugin:

The GoUrl WooCommerce Plugin for WordPress has been designed specifically for users looking for a plugin for their online WooCommerce store. We at the WordPress Plugin Support are ready to provide you with the best assistance for your WooCommerce site.

  • Easy Digital Downloads Plugin:

Easy Digital Downloads is the best plugin that enables users to setup payment gateways for their digital product. This is available with WordPress and if you are looking to include a payment gateway other than the PayPal and Amazon Payments, this is the best option for you.

  • Digital Paybox Plugin:

Digital Paybox Plugin is a premium plugin for WordPress and works for helping you sell products. It creates a paybox where customers can select the payment portal, the BitPay. All you need to do is submit your email address and order the digital product. It is a great option if you are looking to monetize a non-profit website.

  • Mollie Payment For WooCommerce Plugin:

Adding too many plugins to your WordPress site can have a bad effect on the site performance and security. If you are looking to add Bitcoin payment for your WordPress site and want the best options, this is the best option for you. The Mollie Payment for WooCommerce Plugin comes with options of credit card, PayPal, Bitcoin, bank transfer and other options.

  • GoUrl Bitcoin Payment Gateway Plugin:

Those who don’t want to pay via Bitcoin payment gateway can use this plugin once. The GoUrl Bitcoin Payment Gateway Plugin is totally dedicated to allowing users to accept cryptocurrency payments and works well for those trying to monetize WordPress.


Want to know the best plugin for your WordPress site? Connect with the highly efficient WordPress Plugin Support experts via toll-free number at 1-877-863-5655. Contact us from anyplace in United States.

Top 3 WordPress Login issues. How to Fix this.

Top 3 WordPress Login issues. How to Fix these?

WordPress is the topmost online content sharing platform that offers users the opportunity to make blogs and websites. It is an open source online content posting software that offers users the option to create and edit content with others. WordPress comes with attractive menus, design elements and a number of themes plugins. The content sharing platform has successfully catered to the needs of both individuals and business owners looking to create a personal blog or company website. The blogging software also comes with a multi-platform support including WebOS, Android, Windows, iOS and Blackberry platforms.

Apart from offering users with a number of options to create a visually appealing website, WordPress also offers another efficient service for users known as WordPress technical support.

However, like other blogging software’s even WordPress has its dark days. An unknown error might interfere all of a sudden in mid while you are updating your blog. No need to worry as the experts at WordPress customer support are here to provide their guidance. The guidance will ensure that no technical issue ever interferes with the working of a WordPress website or blog.

Do you know the 3 most common login issues that can ruin your experience with WordPress?

Like every blogging software even WordPress can have bad days where an unknown error might ruin your time while trying to update your blog or company website. The experts at WordPress support have come up with the top 3 issues that affect the experience of a user with the content sharing and how these issues can be taken care of.

  1. Lost/Forgot Password

This is one of the most common issues faced by WordPress users who change their passwords regularly to provide better security. It might to users forgetting or losing their passwords. Although, WordPress has a built-in feature that helps to reset password easily but there are factors that can delay the process.

However, in case this does not works then the only option left is to update your password in the WordPress database. Remember to take a complete backup of the WordPress database before proceeding. Afterwards, follow the steps mentioned below;

  • Launch phpMyAdmin, locate your site’s database, and open up the wp_users table.
  • In the list of users, locate your username in the user_login column and select Edit next to that row.
  • Find the user_pass field and type a new plain text password into the Value field, replacing the existing symbols and characters.
  • From the drop-down menu select MD5.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Go.

2. Cache and Cookies Issue

Cookies are small files located inside the internet browse directories and store information about every interaction that a user has with certain websites. WordPress always requires using cookies during login process and if these are not enabled then login option will not occur. Browser cache includes the temporary files stored on the web browser when a person accesses a web page. In case the cache is not being updated properly then the users will see an older version of files that support WordPress.

Cache and cookie issues can be easily fixed by checking that both cookies and cache are enabled in the web browser.

3. Plugin Intrusion

Sometimes a faulty plugin might interfere with the login process. This error occurs due to the plugin not being updated properly or a conflict between two or more plugins. In such a case the first thing to do is to ensure that the issue is caused by a plugin only. This can be done by deactivating all the plugins or renaming the plugin folder.

Another step to take is to access the admin panel and go to the Plugins menu and deactivate all the plugins. However, do back up your WordPress website before taking this action and then select all the plugins by going to Bulk Actions and then selecting Deactivate.

However, in case you face any issue while tackling these issues then simply contact the WordPress support phone number experts via 1-877-863-5655

Factors to consider when choosing a web host

Factors to consider when choosing a web host

WordPress is the top online content sharing service when it comes to making visually appealing website or blog. It is an open-source website creation tool which has been written using PHP and MySQL. A vast number of popular news outlets, blogs, music websites and even some Fortune 500 companies use WordPress for creating their online brand image. WordPress was created with the sole purpose of enhancing the typography of everyday writing with enhanced features. The wide array of features provided by WordPress includes colorful themes, plugins for enhanced appeal and more views.

Those using WordPress for the first time may find it a bit confusing on how to write and publish a post. There is no need to worry as the experts at WordPress support will provide their guidance right from setting up your blog to taking care of any issue that interferes with the working of your WordPress blog or website.

Users looking for a website for hosting have a vast number of options to look forward to. However, getting a better deal is not important than what is right for your website or blog. Hence, it is imperative that you choose the correct website hosting provider which suites your needs. The experts at the WordPress technical support have come up with 4 tips to help you choose the correct web host for your requirement.

Know your needs and wants

Prior to looking for the correct different websites for hosting service, always be sure of the purpose for which you are looking for a web host. For a more clear idea, consider the following questions;

    • Who will be the visitors to your website and where are they located?
    • What type of software and control do you require?
    • What is the type of content that you will be posting?
  • Also, consider the price at which you are willing to buy the service.

Knowing about different web host and what they offer

When you are finally deciding to shortlist a couple of web host, make sure to keep the following parameters in mind;

    • Security: The level of security that the web host offers to you
    • Uptime: Experts at WordPress support recommend choosing a website host that offers daily back-up and at least 99% uptime.
  • Support service: Get in contact with the website host company to get a real idea of how supportive they are towards their customers.

Important things to remember

It is not enough to just take up a website hosting service. The WordPress support experts recommend that you check out their social media pages and review sites to get the correct picture. Many website hosting service offer packages depending upon the system and others specialize in a single system.

In case you are confused about which web host company to choose for your requirement, contact the WordPress support of WP 24×7 LLC’s phone number experts at 1-877-863-5655.

How to install a WordPress plugin

How to install a WordPress plugin?

WordPress is one of the topmost online content sharing platform that allows both individuals and business owners to operate a personal blog or company website. Currently, it is one of the most famous website management and blogging system on the web. The open source software is licensed under GPL (General Public License) and written using PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor). It allows users to build and edit their websites using a central administrative dashboard that includes text editing tool to make changes to the content and various design elements. WordPress offers a number of attractive themes, plugins and other features to let users make a visually appealing website or blog.

The software also provides multi-platform support for users having Android, WebOS or iOS, Windows and Blackberry devices. Apart from offering users the option to create a visually stimulating website, WordPress also has another service to ensure that no issue interferes with any user’s experience of WordPress software, the highly trained WordPress plugins support.

Are you looking forward to install a WordPress plugin and not able to do so?

In case you are looking to add a WordPress plugin, no need to search further as the experts at WordPress customer support will provide the right guidance to you. Our specialists have come up with an easy to follow guide to help you add a WordPress plugin without much delay. Kindly follow the steps mentioned in the guide below;

Guide for installing WordPress Plugin using search plugin

    • Login to your WordPress admin area.
    • Now, click on Plugin option from the WordPress.
    • Next, click on the Add New option from the Plugins page.
    • Enter the WordPress plugin name that you want to install on your website and search.
    • The WordPress plugin will appear on the screen.
    • Next, click on Install Now button from the plugin.
    • After the WordPress plugin has been installed, click on Activate option from the installed plugin.
  • Now, the WordPress plugin is installed and activated on your website.

Guide for installing plugin using Admin plugin upload

    • Download the WordPress Plugin Zip File which you want to install on your WordPress website.
    • Login to your WordPress admin area.
    • Open Plugins Page on your WordPress site.
    • Click on Add New option from the Plugin Page.
    • Now click on the upload plugin button.
    • Click on the Choose File button.
    • Select the downloaded WordPress Plugin Zip File.
    • Click on the Install Now button.
  • The WordPress Plugin is installed on your WordPress website. Click on the Activate option of the installed plugin. The WordPress plugin is now activated and ready for use.

However, if you still face any issue while trying to download a WordPress plugin then contact the WordPress Plugins support experts via WordPress support phone number 1-877-863 5655

Top Three WordPress Issues and Solutions

Top Three WordPress Issues and Solutions 

WordPress is the latest content sharing application that offers users a number of features including latest themes and plugins to increase the visual appeal of user’s blog. Whether it is maintaining your company WordPress website or taking care of your personal blog; WordPress has got users covered from every angle. As of February 2017, around 27.5% websites have been reported to have used WordPress. WordPress is the topmost choice for anyone looking for effective content management and is a completely open source software.

WordPress allows users to create and maintain websites through a dashboard that comes with text editor for making changes to the content, menu and enhance the visual appeal. Apart from providing users with options to enhance visual appeal, WordPress also has outstanding customer service known as WordPress customer support.

The experts at the WordPress support work day and night to resolve any issue that might interfere with the working of your WordPress website or blog.

What are the common issues faced while working on WordPress?

WordPress is the best content management tool and is easily installed on a web server. However, at times an unknown error might interfere with the working of your WordPress website or blog. There is no need to worry as the experts at WordPress technical support have come up with an easy to follow guide on tackling these issues.

  • “Error establishing a database connection”

Does the above error seems familiar to you? When you are trying to access your WordPress website and this error suddenly comes to the screen. This is an issue with the wp-config.php file and most likely due to wrong details often being entered into your database. A number of times simple database error can occur due to problem that can be solved by the web host.

A number of shared web hosting providers set a limit on database and if it passes the set limit then this error can occur. Lastly, a WordPress hacked website can also display this error message.

Solution: Locate the file wp-config.php using the FTP and open it. Then go through the entire database to check that the details including database name, username, and password and database host are correct. In case the website has been hacked then work towards making it secure. If you are unable to resolve the connection error, then contact the experts at WordPress support.

  • “Error 28”

Error 28 is a MySQL error and not limited to only WordPress websites and blogs. Even other websites such as Drupal and Joomla can be effected by it. This error can occur if the cache on the web server is full or one has too many files in the /tmp directory.


Try to empty the /tmp directory and also try contacting the web host to help you in resolving the error. If this does not help then the experts at WordPress customer support are always available to help you in resolving this issue.

  • Maintenance mode error

“Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute”

Every time a user updates WordPress to a newer version, it creates a temporary maintenance file. The problem occurs when the .maintenance file is not removed in the proper manner after the upgrade.

Solution: You need to login to the WordPress root directory via FTP and locate the .maintenance file to delete it. This will help in resolving the error. However, if you are unable to locate the .maintenance file then contact the WordPress support to help you with this issue.

Want to know more about how WordPress support can help you in resolving any technical issue? Contact the experts via WordPress Support Phone Number 1-877-863-5655 or write to us about what’s interrupting with your WordPress website or blog’s normal functioning.

Top 5 most useful WordPress Plugins – WordPress Support

Top 5 most useful WordPress Plugins – WordPress Support

 WordPress is the first choice for content sharing and giving a professional appeal to your blog. The content sharing tool offers a number of themes and plugins to both individuals and professionals. WordPress also offers numerous packages depending upon the requirement of a person. Those who are new to using WordPress may get confused on how to avail the complete benefits of this content sharing mammoth. However, there is no need to worry as the experts at WordPress support are here to provide complete guidance for any issue affecting the performance of WordPress blog or website.

WordPress also offers a number of plugins to help in increasing the visual appeal and performance of its blog and website. Among the plethora of plugins users can avail the benefits of the 5 most useful plugins mentioned below;

  • Anti-Spam

The name says it all; this plugin has been designed with the sole purpose of stopping any spam comments to be entered into your WordPress website. In order to know more about this plugin, contact the experts at WordPress customer support.

  • WordPress Optimize

It helps to keep your blog running smoothly by optimizing the database files and getting rid of old posts. WordPress Optimize removes unapproved and old comments that are inside the trash.

  • Jetpack

One of the powerful and effective WordPress plugin that ensures proper website performance, traffic, appearance, security and image optimization. If you are looking towards to getting your website on top then this is the thing for your WordPress website.

  • W3 Total Cache

This is one of the best options to increase the performance of your WordPress website. The general idea being that the whole website data is stored temporarily in cache that allows it to load faster the next time a user opens the website. Users can use the WordPress Cache plugin to enable caching, which will cache all the post and pages as HTML.

  • WP Smush

Images can be one of the most precious asset of your WordPress website as they grab user’s attention in a better way. Users can easily optimize images to match their website using WP Smush plugin. All the image files will be optimized in JPEG, GIF and PNG format using advanced compression techniques.

If you want to know more about plugins; contact our experts via toll-free WordPress support phone number 1-877-863-5655

Top 5 WordPress Security Plugin

Top 5 WordPress Security Plugin

WordPress, the most famous blogging platform offers benefits ranging from providing a simple blog to a fully-loaded professional website. Apart from offering a professional appeal to a normal blog, WordPress offers a number of Plugins and Themes for providing an aesthetic appeal to your blog. One of the best services offered by WordPress is the highly trained WordPress technical support team

However, owing to its popularity; WordPress has also come under the scrutiny of online hackers looking to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data and information. This can lead to hacking of your WordPress account by online attackers. However, there is no need to worry anymore as the experts at WordPress tech support are here to protect your WordPress website from unauthorized access.

Given below are the top 5 WordPress security plugin from our experts at WordPress Support to keep your WordPress website completely secured against online attacks.

  1. WordFence

WordFence is one of the most famous WordPress security plugins that covers login security, security scanning, IP blocking, WordPress Firewall and monitoring. This works by checking if the WordPress website is infected through a deep server scan. Then it compares the same to the official WordPress repository for the core, plugins and themes. WordFence is a great choice for both beginners and professional bloggers, one can try the premium version that includes two-step authentication.

2. iThemes Security

iThemes Security is a WordPress security plugin that offers more than 30 ways to completely secure your WordPress website from unauthorized access. It fixes the common vulnerabilities and automated attacks. iThemes provides benefits including;

    • Two-step authentication
    • Protection against Brute Force Attacks
    • Logging User Actions
    • Locking out for using incorrect credentials multiple times
  • Monitoring core files for any changes

3. Sucuri Security

This is a free plugin provided in the WordPress repository. Sucuri Security offers features that includes malware scanning, blacklist monitoring, file integrity monitoring, effective security hardening, security activity auditing and website firewall. It tracks all the user activity on the WordPress website. If there is any security breach in the website, the user can review the activity logs and find out what happened.

4. WordPress Security and Firewall

The WordPress Security and Firewall is the most popular WordPress security plugin. This comes with a user-friendly interface for those unfamiliar with advanced security settings. WP Security and Firewall offers complete protection to the WordPress website by looking for vulnerabilities and using the latest security measures.

Another feature that this offers is a meter on the dashboard to give a score to the website about its security. The WP Security and Firewall has a scanner that keeps record of files and sends notification about any change in your WordPress system.

5. BulletProof Security

One of the effective methods of WordPress website is the BulletProof security. It offers protection against RTI, CRLF, SQL Injection, XSS and code hackings. The vast array of features includes easy-to-install setup, record for the number of login attempts, complete file monitoring and quarantine of the uploaded files, alert for any malicious activity affecting your WordPress website and email alert for a variety of actions.

Want to know more about keeping your WordPress website secure against online attacks? Contact our experts at WordPress tech support Phone Number 1-877-863-5655

Guide to install new theme in WordPress

Guide to install new theme in WordPress

WordPress, started in 2003 to give a professional appeal to online content has since become a known blogging website. Apart from simple blogging, WordPress is also an effective content management tool which offers a number of features including Plugin, Themes and widgets to give an attractive appeal to the blog. WordPress is also available on a number of platforms including Windows, Android and iOS.

One of the effective ways through which WordPress helps users in resolving any unknown technical issues is through the effective WordPress support. The experts with their years of experience in handling different technical issues that might affect the performance of WordPress.

I am unable to install a theme for my WordPress? How can WordPress Support help?

Those who are new to using WordPress may get confused with the plethora of options that it offers. Those who are not that tech-savvy may find it a bit irritating as it might interfere with their first WordPress experience.

However, there is no need to worry as our experts at WordPress support have an easy-to-follow guide to help you through this issue. Kindly follow the steps mentioned below to install the required theme for your WordPress.

Steps to search for theme in WordPress

  • On the left-side of the navigation menu, select Appearance then select Themes.
  1. On the top of the screen, click on Install Theme.

Next, you can browse all the available themes and search via author, keyword or tag.

After downloading the required theme, there are two methods of installing the theme. These are as follows;

Guide for installing a theme for WordPress

    1. Login to your WordPress dashboard via http://yourdomain.com/wp-admin.php or http://yourdomain.com/wp-login.php.
    1. From the left-side navigation menu, click on Appearance and then on Themes.
    1. On the top of the screen, click on Install theme tab.
    1. Click on Upload and then select the file saved on your computer drive.
    1. Click Install Now.
  1. Click Activate.

However, in the off-chance that your WordPress theme install encounters any technical error then you can try the second method of installing theme manually.

Guide to manually installing a theme to WordPress

In order to manually install a theme, upload it to the WordPress theme directory;

    1. Next, open the File Manager in CPanel or connect to the server using an FTP client.
    1. Navigate to the theme directory inside the wp-content folder in the WordPress document root.
    1. Upload the compressed theme file.
    1. Uncompress the theme file in /public_html/WordPress/wp-content/themes.
  1. Activate the theme now. Login to your WordPress dashboard then select Appearance and next click on themes. Click on the Activate button.

If you are still unable to install the theme via any of the above mentioned methods, contact our WordPress support experts  @ WordPress Support Phone Number 1-877-863-5655

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