Factors to consider when choosing a web host

Factors to consider when choosing a web host

WordPress is the top online content sharing service when it comes to making visually appealing website or blog. It is an open-source website creation tool which has been written using PHP and MySQL. A vast number of popular news outlets, blogs, music websites and even some Fortune 500 companies use WordPress for creating their online brand image. WordPress was created with the sole purpose of enhancing the typography of everyday writing with enhanced features. The wide array of features provided by WordPress includes colorful themes, plugins for enhanced appeal and more views.

Those using WordPress for the first time may find it a bit confusing on how to write and publish a post. There is no need to worry as the experts at WordPress support will provide their guidance right from setting up your blog to taking care of any issue that interferes with the working of your WordPress blog or website.

Users looking for a website for hosting have a vast number of options to look forward to. However, getting a better deal is not important than what is right for your website or blog. Hence, it is imperative that you choose the correct website hosting provider which suites your needs. The experts at the WordPress technical support have come up with 4 tips to help you choose the correct web host for your requirement.

Know your needs and wants

Prior to looking for the correct different websites for hosting service, always be sure of the purpose for which you are looking for a web host. For a more clear idea, consider the following questions;

    • Who will be the visitors to your website and where are they located?
    • What type of software and control do you require?
    • What is the type of content that you will be posting?
  • Also, consider the price at which you are willing to buy the service.

Knowing about different web host and what they offer

When you are finally deciding to shortlist a couple of web host, make sure to keep the following parameters in mind;

    • Security: The level of security that the web host offers to you
    • Uptime: Experts at WordPress support recommend choosing a website host that offers daily back-up and at least 99% uptime.
  • Support service: Get in contact with the website host company to get a real idea of how supportive they are towards their customers.

Important things to remember

It is not enough to just take up a website hosting service. The WordPress support experts recommend that you check out their social media pages and review sites to get the correct picture. Many website hosting service offer packages depending upon the system and others specialize in a single system.

In case you are confused about which web host company to choose for your requirement, contact the WordPress support of WP 24×7 LLC’s phone number experts at 1-877-863-5655.

Find a fix for WordPress troubleshooting Errors here

Did you just encounter a wordpress troubleshooting problem? It’s alright! Many people encounter such errors and the solution of your problem might be here. You can fix the problem on your own now.

First of all, it is advisable to always have a backup of your WordPress site, so that even in the worst-case scenario you can just restore the WordPress site easily.

If you don’t have a backup we would walk you through different steps you can take to fix the error. Below are the most common wordpress errors:

  1. Errors caused by the WordPress Plugins:

A few plugins may interfere with other plugins which does not allow the page to load properly. The solution to this is to disable all the WordPress plugins. If this resolves the issues, then one-by-one enable the plugins and then check your site, and try to find out the one plugin which was the source of the error. In case you are not able to access the WordPress dashboard, the other alternative would be to use an FTP client such as FileZilla to rename the plugins folder, which will disable all the plugins.

2. Errors associated with the theme

There are cases in which the WordPress theme cause problems to your site. This can be easily detected by switching the theme to the default WordPress theme. To do so, head over to Appearance>> Themes page and then click on the Activate button.

3. Errors due to .htaccess file


If you see the error message “500 Internal Server Error”, this is an indication that the .htaccess file has gone corrupted. This is the file that contains instructions for the server. To fix it, locate the .htaccess in the root of WordPress directory via the FTP. This file could be hidden so it is select the “show hidden files” in your FTP client settings to find it. Now that the file has been found, rename it, it will stop being used and then reload the site.

4. Fixing the “White screen of Death”

The “White screen of Death” could be very annoying. You know it is ““White screen of Death” when you load your site and what appears on your screen is nothing but a blank white page. There are more than one reasons that could have caused it, therefore there is no one solution to it.

The several steps you can take to fix it are:

  1. Increase the memory limit: The steps on how to do so are given below (Error 6)
  2. Disable plugins as given in error 1.
  3. Fix the errors due to theme, the steps on how to fix that are given above in error 2.
  4. Enable debug mode

If you are still not able to fix it then you should reinstall WordPress or restore from backup, if you have one.

5. WordPress posts returning 404 error

This is when a user can visit all other sections of the site but one page where they get a 404 page – not found error. The possible reason for this error is an URL rewrite bug in the .htaccess file. To remove this error, go to Settings>Permalinks and select a different permalink structure. Save it and then choose the original permalink structure and save it again. This will reset your .htaccess file and the problem is fixed.


6. WordPress Syntax error:

If you come across a blank screen with a message as follows:



Parse Error: Syntax error, unexpected ‘<‘ in home/admin/public_html/wp-content/theme/functions.php on line 22


This means it is a syntax error message, it tells you the file containing the error, the line and what exactly is the error. You just have to go to the line and correct the syntax.


If you are still not able to find a fix to your WordPress errors, don’t worry, you can expert services by contacting us at our WordPress Support Number 1 877 863 5655.


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