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Top 5 WordPress Security Issues and their solution | Call 1-877-863-5655

Top 5 WordPress Security Issues and their solution

Top 5 WordPress Security Issues and their solution

WordPress is the top online content sharing application that gives a better appeal to those looking to create an impact with their content. Apart from offering a plethora of features including the latest plugins and themes to make your blog appear more professional, WordPress has one of the best customer service unit known as WordPress support.

However, like other online content management applications; WordPress too has its own points which might be exploited through unauthorized access by hackers. The only goal of hacking into your WordPress account is to compromise your content either from the front-end or back-end.

Given below are the top five security issues that might affect your WordPress issue;

  • Brute Force Attack

This includes the trial and error method of entering the correct username and password combinations multiple times. It is used to gain access to your WordPress website in the simplest ways. WordPress does not limits the login attempts which makes it open to attack by Bots using the Brute Force method. If unable to login to your WordPress account, it will still overload the system and might lead to suspension of your account.

  • File Inclusion Method

If gaining unauthorized access to your account fails, the next target will be the PHP code of your WordPress website. PHP code is responsible for running your WordPress website with all the plugins and themes. This method exploits the website by loading a vulnerable code for remote files allowing attackers unauthorized access to your WordPress website.

  • SQL

Every WordPress website uses a MySQL database for smooth operation. The SQL attack occurs when an online attacker wishes to gain access to all of your WordPress website and the data in it. Utilizing this method, the online attacker creates another admin-level account which can then be used to gain access to your WordPress website. This can be used to insert malware and spam website links into the database of your website.

  • Cross-Site Scripting

Majority of security vulnerabilities that occur on the internet are known as Cross Site Scripting. This is the most common form of attack on WordPress plugins. The main mechanism of Cross-Site Scripting includes getting the victim to load webpages that have unsafe java scripts. These are often loaded without the knowledge of the website operator and are then used to steal data from the browser.

  • Malware

Malware is a code used to gain unauthorized access to your WordPress website to get all the sensitive data. Any hacked WordPress website generally has malware already infecting the web files. The most common types of malware infections include backdoors, drive-by downloads, malicious redirects and pharma hacks.

How can I secure my WordPress website against all these threats?

The experts at WordPress support are there to assist you in case of an infection by any of the above mentioned websites. Kindly follow the steps mentioned below to prevent any infection by the above mentioned threats;

  • Strong Password

Using a password that is less than 6 characters can make your WordPress website vulnerable to online attacks. If you have been using the same password for long time, then change it. Always make a strong password which is a combination of letters, numbers and symbols.

  • Install WordPress security plugin

Getting a two-factor authentication will provide an added layer of protection to your WordPress login. However, installing a time-sensitive code along with a password can help to protect your WordPress website against brute force attacks.

  • Set-up permission on the server

Ensure that proper permissions are set on all the directories of your WordPress servers. This will help ensure that only authorized persons are able to read and view your WordPress files.

  • WordPress Updates

Always keep your WordPress website constantly updated with the latest plugins and themes to avoid any possible attack by hackers.

However, in the off-chance that your WordPress website has been infected with any of the above security threats; contact our experts at WordPress support to help you get rid of this issue. You can call our WordPress Technical Support toll-free number 1-877-863-5655

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