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WooCommerce Support

WooCommerce the free Plugin is used for sell purpose. Around 30% of online shops use WooCommerce tool. WooCommerce is flexible and have access to many WordPress extensions of premium category. And therefore, it plays an important role in WordPress-E-commerce website. With WooCommerce you can have metrics of recent order, average order, lifetime value of customers etc. Let us discuss few important and useful features of WooCommerce.

1.Physical as well as digital products can be sold. Physical products that can be delivered to customer’s address and digital products that need to get downloaded from internet. You can also sell both of the product with WooCommerce.
2. You can provide customer three ways to collect product. They pick it up or local delivery can be arranged or shipping is also available. Depending upon customers’ location we can deactivate or restrict one or two options from the available ones
3. We sell a wide variation of various products. For example, products of different color, different sizes, different prices etc.
4. With WooCommerce you can buy products from other websites with the help of affiliate link
5. You can set different types of product rates. Flat rate manes same rate for all products, different rates where rate will depend upon the weight and size of product or there is a third option where rate will be decided at the time of delivery
6. Product name, product description, products’ normal price, products’ sale price all of this information can be added or changed.
7. Payments can be done via various wallets like paytm, payZapp etc. All types debit cards, credit cards and ATM cards, cash on delivery, direct bank transfer all are accepted
8. Shipping can also be done at free of cost
9. Tax option will be shown. Taxes will change depending upon customer’s address, store’s address etc. An automatic calculation of taxes will get done and will be shown to customers

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