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WordPress Migration

Want to perform a migration on your WordPress website? Just relax! WordPress migration is definitely not a simple and easy job. At least for a beginner. But here in this blog we will discuss about the same. This blog is developed by experienced technicians and here we will know a little about various steps of migrate database, content Plugins of your WordPress website.

WordPress.com to WordPress.org: Sometimes we need to migrate our website from WordPress.com to WordPress.org because web owner says that people are searching more for the second one.

WordPress.org to WordPress.com: It can happen otherwise. Means some organizations may want to transform their website from WordPress.org to WordPress.com on the basis of their own search results.

Changing of hosting account: Web owners often face problems from a particular hosting account and need to switch to another one. It is a very common thing nowadays. But remember that before you approach to change your hosting account you must use it for 28 days

Convert shared hosting to VPS: Virtual private server or VPS is meant for large business which needs more space and wide bandwidth. Shared hosting is for comparatively small business. When your business gets extended suddenly you need to transfer your site from shared hosting to VPS.  Point to be noted that sometimes it requires to transform from virtual private server to shared hosting.

Cloning of website: There can be many reasons behind cloning of a website. One may need to take a backup of your system which can be used later or else this backup can be used later as a host to improve performance. Whatever may be the reason cloning is required and important as well.

Recovering of a lost website: Many a times user losses all of contents, Plugins, themes, database etc. and search for some desperate solutions. Though it sounds rare but it happens.  But not all the users have enough technical knowledge to find out exact solution. Don’t worry! We are here to help you out. We work with all experienced technicians and therefore you can be sure of guaranteed solution.

Recovery of deleted website: Users sometimes delete their own delete websites by mistake.  This is a pure unintentional action which turns out to be a fatal one. However, even if your website got deleted all the data are still there on server.  We will bring you out of this crisis easily. We have done it before, many times.