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WordPress Speed Optimization

Research says that around 40% of people leave a website when it takes more than 3 seconds to open. Even all of us do that on daily basis. We leave website when it takes more time to open than usual and replace it with a faster one. Therefore, speed is very important to be in in ace when it comes to performance of your website. A slower website will result in increased bounce rate, visitors of your website will not be able to stick to it for a long time and these will create an unwanted traffic. There are several ways to improve your site’s performance. Those are discussed below one by one.

Select an appropriate theme: Theme is very important that plays an important role when it comes to improve your website’s speed. Theme is primarily responsible to determine the aesthetics of your website. If user choose a complicated theme with unwanted features that will consume a lot of memory and can slows your website down. Therefore, choose your theme carefully. Choose a simple one that can contribute to improve your website’s speed

Use latest Plugins: The WordPress developers keeps experimenting with their Plugins and therefore after a certain time interval they come with newer editions of old Plugins. Outdated Plugins can create problems. So, you need to check for the latest Plugins. To do that go to the dashboard of WordPress and check for plugins. If you can spot any number beside a Plugin that means that the plugin has been changed and you must need to have the latest version.

Try to use more beneficial Plugins: Choosing appropriate Plugin is a way to improve speed of your website. There are more than thousands of Plugins in WordPress. Apart from that new Plugins are also getting created by WordPress developers with time. You need to choose wisely. You can check whether your Plugin belongs to four start category or not. And then check how many times it has been installed by other users. These factors will help you to choose an appropriate one.

Use W3 total cache Plugins: These Plugins are designed in such a way that it helps your website to load quickly. These Plugins use to cache database, cache fragments in memory and compress all JavaScript and posts. And thus, they help to save bandwidth and improve performance or your website.

Delete all unnecessary Plugins: WordPress suggests that Plugins make HTTP request to load components like script, CSS, images etc. to your website and each of this request burdens your website with loading time. Therefore, deleting unnecessary Plugins is a way to improve your website’s speed.

Clean your database: Trash items like spam comments, post revisions can act like junks can slows your website’s performance down. Therefore, you must delete all these spam ASAP. Good thing is that with WordPress you don’t need waste much of your time in doing this. There is a Plugin in WordPress called WP-Optimize. Use this tool to remove all unnecessary components from your website.

Displaying articles: There are two ways to display blog posts on your WordPress based website. One is to show the whole blog post and another one is to just show a summary of blog pasts. Second one is more convenient because in this way only interested viewer will click on a particular snippet of a blogpost of his /her choice and then it will open. Thus, this will improve speed of your website.

Display only required blog posts: Displaying fewer blog posts will improve your website’s speed because it will take lesser time to load in this case. So, try to display as less blog posts as possible.

Use ‘Paginate’ option: Comments are necessary for your website but a huge number of comments can damage your website’s performance and speed. Thankfully there is an option called ‘Paginate’ in WordPress which you can use to avoid this problem. Paginate divide your comments into few pages and therefore it lessens burden from our website and helps your website to load quickly.

Use ‘Paginate’ for Blogs: Just like posts ‘Paginate’ can also divide blogs into many pages. This is another way to improve speed of your WordPress website.

Try to understand and implement all of these to improve your website’s performance. Good luck!