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What is the WordPress Website Development ?

WordPress is the most used web development or content management system. Around 55% of users (read web developers) worldwide prefers to use WordPress for Website development. WordPress is easygoing for beginners. Plus, its large number of features and functions fulfill various requirements of its users. Small or Big company owners, Individual bloggers, freelancers all of them prefers to go for WordPress therefore.

Following Steps For WordPress Website Developmen

The very first step of WordPress Website development is to obtain a domain name and a web host. It is very comfortable to get your own domain name than using others. Additionally, it will make the use of website faster. The WordPress content management system system is free but you have to pay a certain amount to avail its hosting service . However, the amount is affordable. For a free domain name and hosting, there are many available hosting services in market, that give grant domain name and hosting for free. Bluehost, Dreamhost, Siteground are few examples of good web hosting companies that provide WordPress platform. Various hosting plans are available, you need to choose one from them. Also, you need to choose a domain name carefully. It will be wise to choose a domain name that matches with your company name. Then you need to get your company name registered with the web hosting company. Once the registration procedure gets completed you need to create a password. Now you need to install WordPress on your computer. Following are the steps to create your own website with WordPress.

  • Using your password loo in to your user account
  • Then find the control panel
  • Find the WordPress icon
  • To install your website, you must select a domain
  • Now press Install button and your website will be created in WordPress

There is another way, you can do the installation manually. For that you need to check with the manual guide. Now that WordPress is installed successfully and your website is created, you must decide a theme for your website. You can choose any theme from the theme template of WordPress Website Development platform. Once you log into your WordPress dashboard you can find many free themes in its dashboard. There is an option in WordPress called appearances. From that option you can choose a theme of your choice. These themes are free. Around 1500 free themes are available in WordPress library. You can also download a new theme of your choice. It is interesting to notice that in WordPress Website Development, changing of themes will not cause any harm to your posts, pages and contents.

It is easy to add and edit pages in WordPress. On the left-hand side of the dashboard you can find pages option, a click to this option will result in opening a blank page.

Following are the steps to add your page to menu:

  1. First save the changes that you have made in pag
  2. Now go to appearance option
  3. Now select the page name from the page box in the left-hand side
  4. Put a tick mark on the name of that page and click Add to Menu

Tagline and titles are two important terms for Blogs. You must use appropriate title and tagline to get maximum number of visitors to visit your page. By default, something will be already there on title and tag line field. To change the title and tagline you must follow this path Settings> General and fill the required details.

Following steps can be performed to restrict your users from commenting on your webpage :

  1. In the upper right corner of your page there is something called ‘screens options’
  2. In screen options you will find a box named ‘Discussions’
  3. ‘Allow people to post comments on your new articles’ can be found in the Discussions box. You need to uncheck it.

Everyone wants that their home page appears as a static page. In WordPress you just need to perform the following steps to ensure that your blog’s home page appears as a static page. Those steps that are written below:

  1. Click on the setting option on the left-hand side of dashboard
  2. You will see two choices front page and posts page. Select anyone between them and then click on static page.

You must choose one of the two options as a static page WordPress will consider your latest posts as home page.

With WordPress one can edit dashboards and add more customized Plugins as well. For the details of all other functionalities please check with their user guide.